Airborne 16 – 75 Years Of The Airborne Brigade

Churchill’s famous note directing the raising of ‘a corps of at least 5000 parachute troops’ was written on 22 Jun 1940.  1941 then saw the first significant steps in the development of British Airborne capability with the raising of 1st Parachute Brigade and 1st Airborne Division.  Therefore 2016 is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the British Airborne Brigade and so offers a perfect opportunity to mark that distinguished history, to reinvigorate the idea of British Airborne Forces, and to reinforce our continued utility in the 21st Century to key decision-makers across the Army and Defence.  It also offers an opportunity to really celebrate the return of Pegasus and to help to instil the meaning of the Pegasus Ethos in Airborne Forces.

16 Air Assault Brigade, working closely with RHQ PARA and Airborne Assault Duxford, will sponsor a number of events to allow us to mark what we are calling ‘Airborne 16 – 75 Years Of The Airborne Brigade’.  These will include, amongst other things, a families’ day at Merville Barracks, supporting Airborne Assault’s refurbishment of the Arnhem Room at RMA Sandhurst, a dinner to celebrate the anniversary, and of course the return of Pegasus to Arnhem in September.  We will also launch a fund-raising effort to allow us to erect a Pegasus statue in Merville Barracks, and to rededicate the Eagle in front of the Brigade parade square into the Memorial Garden.

Ad Unum Omnes.